Increasing Consumers support in Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief

Those of us over a “certain age” remember the donation “cans”  that use to be prominently placed next to the cash registers at local stores. Long before electronic point of sale this was the only way for a retail merchant to allow a customer to contribute to a charitable “cause” during the process (but independent) of making a purchase.

Although in today’s retail environment, customer donations to charity can be implemented in various ways i.e. % of sale, adding to purchase, etc., the effectiveness of that old donation “can”, collecting donations independent of a product sale, is… POWERFUL!  It’s non-invasive as can be, plus there is a big benefit to avoiding having a sales clerk “ask” for the donation or causing the patron to either “accept” or “decline” adding a buck or two to the purchase.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the modern methods of “cause marketing” in many cases. Customer appeal in support of a charitable cause promoted by a favored merchant is a phenomenal thing. Customers and merchants joining in support of great causes can be a phenomenal way to raise funds. There’s a partnership developed that adds value to the overall customer/merchant relationship.

In today’s retail environment, with the increasing proliferation of Mobile Web Smartphone  use (1-Billion worldwide), a new and effective method of customer engagement for charity has emerged. And somewhat like the independent, non-invasive donation “can”, this method is proving to become a powerhouse for citizen philanthropy.

Think donation “can”, on  steriods!  That’s what the GiveNetwork coalition of publicly displayed donation “access portals” is providing. Smartphone users scanning GiveNetwork QR codes depicted on signage in retail venues can quickly donate any amount to targeted causes or ongoing humanitarian aid and disaster relief. The transaction takes place independent of a product or service purchase. The donor gains immediate access to an emailed tax receipt and the retail establishment gains contact info on patrons who contribute.

The GiveNetwork platform is disrupting the established ways of reaching & engaging donors for humanitarian good.

It’s a fact that within open public venues, millions of individuals are willing and able to donate to humanitarian good when given the opportunity. GiveNetwork Smartphone accessible Donation Portals engage consumers in citizen philanthropy for the benefit of..

► ongoing humanitarian relief
► periodic disaster relief
► retail branded cause campaigns

Any retail venue can become a GiveNetwork partner by hosting a donation access portal in their business establishment(s).

If you operate a retail establishment and would like to host a GiveNetwork donation portal, please contact us at


About atomicdog7

I am the CEO of and passionate about mobile philanthropy via the mobile web.
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